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Water treatment

EWAC Marine supplies tailor made water treatment systems for use on board of yachts. Many times, the available space is limited, and the installation process should be quick and efficient. Therefore, EWAC Marine delivers standard skids on which the required equipment, including the electrical cabinet is incorporated. These skids can take care of the water treatment of several pools on board of the ship.

EWAC Marine has lots of experience with maintaining water quality and safety. Depending on the demands of the client, the water treatment plant can be equipped with UV- Chlorine/Acid or and electrlysis device. When the pool is operated with sweet water, we advise to use a desinfecting agent. Furthermore, the water treatment plant takes care of the filtration, heating, circulation and buffering of the swimming pool water.

Our water treatment plants can be designed for the use of sea water, or even such that the use of sea water can be interspersed with the use of sweet water. These sea-/sweetwater installations are designed such that they take care of themselves during the process of switching to the other kind of water.