Custom designed whirlpools made of

Stainless steel

Our products

Accommodating solutions for


Our products

From swimming pool to deck, from deck to helipad.
Our solutions are


Our products

From concept design to installation
under one roof. That makes us


About us

Systems for the top segment

Human imagination is limitless. (Super-) Yacht builders at home and abroad stive to push the limits of the technical options for their customers. EWAC Marine builds custom subsystems for these yachts and therefore, each project is unique. Our systems are fully integrated. When EWAC Marine assumes reposibility for a subsystem, we take care of the whole system, saving time and effort on the yard’s side. The Yachtbuilder has his hands free and a single point of contact for the entire project. We have all the skills under one roof. From initial idea to installation, EWAC Marine takes care of every step along the way.

Movable swimming pool floor

From swimming pool to terrace, from terrace to Helideck at the push of a button.


Custom stainless steel whirlpools

Ships have limited space and challenging circumstances. We offert tailor made whirlpools out of stainless steel.


Hidden deck crane

The deck crane that can be made completely invisible when it is not in use.